Where are You Love?

Day 12

I honestly went to post yesterday, but fell asleep with my kids before I could get to it. I hope you all are enjoying Woman’s History Month and living in your power.

I also missed posting this weekend. I was living in my power spending some very much needed time out the house with my babies.

I do apologize for not staying on track, but such is my life these days. I will not beat myself up for the things I couldn’t do. I am going with the ebb and flow of my life and doing my best to make sure every moment counts toward something. I hope you are too.

Today’s poem is about the absence of love from my life, your life, for whoever feels they are lacking romantic love in their life. I wrote this during a moment when the feeling was so strong in my mind, my body, and my heart. I had to put it on paper.

I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever wondered about the absence of love in your life?

How the love that never showed up caused you to become?

Become hurt

Become in pain

Become lonely

I never thought about it until this day

In a paused moment

The blinders were removed from my eyes

And my wounds were revealed

The absence

The absence of love has caused me great grief

Some nights it steals my joy like a thief

And it’s been hard to navigate

Makes me question whether I’m gay or I’m straight

Whether my bills will be paid or be late

Whether my kids and I play

Or will I be in the bed laid


See out of the people that surround me, I think many are lonely

That the love they desire escapes their grasp

And instead they keep pushing because no one really asked

Are you ok?

See The absence of love goes much deeper than the surface

We choose to endure trials that we know will hurt us

We put ourselves through torture because that’s what the absence is made of

And not to put so much emphasis on the absence of the love

See it’s not even the presence of hate

It’s the size of the hole in your soul at this moments presence

What are you doing to fill it?

Who’s missing the love they deserve because you are missing yours?

The absence of love is the absence of connection is the absence of true joy is the presence of falsehoods

I am happy.

I am ok.

Everything is great.

I’m not and I just want the right someone to love the ish out of me.

Get me.

Like what if someone just love the ish out of you right now.

How would that change your world?

And it’s not to say that you don’t love the ish out yourself

But there’s nothing like being loved by somebody else

I am more than just an empty shell

I am full.

Full. With a little absence of love.

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