Getting Even

Day 8

In honor of International Women’s Day, I would like to share a poem that highlights an emotion that women often feel, anger. I could use this day to share a poem about all the beautiful things that women are, but the truth is the world already knows we are dope. The world already knows that women are what makes it to continue on going around.

The reason I am sharing this poem is because women are often forced into an image that society likes, but we are often not the women who we are portrayed to be, asked to be, or pretend to be; sometimes we are so much more and sometimes we are feeling so much less than.

As procedure here on Robin’s Note to Self, I am going to share a side of me that is the most talked about and stigmatized as a black woman; my angry side.

Enjoy and please get a laugh out of it ❤️

Happy International Women’s Day

Let him drown

Yes you black mfer

Thinking that your ish don’t stink

If I could I would let you drown in a pond

Cause every day you wake up

You give me your butt to kiss

With no remorse for my discourse

You give zero fs

For the women that carried your children in her womb

Making room for your name to go on

For your name to be great

You just wake up pouring salt on open wounds

If I could I would drive you to the nearest lake

Seduce you into a drowning fate

Because your mere existence weighs me down

Walking around like you got the biggest gun in town

Shooting yourself in the damn foot

All because you want to be a closed book

Want me to lie around on your hook

Won’t open your ears to my story

Won’t open your eyes to my scars

Won’t open your heart to my pain

But I’m the one to blame

Let’s take a swim in the ocean

So I can watch you drown

Then maybe then things will even out

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