Day 7

Ok. So, I don’t have a poem, but while going through my notes I found something that I wanted to share. My blog is all about honesty, being real, and openness as a way of healing, so tonight I’m going to share with you a reflection piece.

One thing I have learned in this growing is healing process is that people, all people, are truly a mirror and you can learn so much about yourself. Even things that you do not want to know which can be good because you can work it out.

Question: What of you has been reflected back to you in those that you are intertwined with and accountable to?

1. My tongue can be used as both a knife and a blanket of love.

2. My life is sometimes not up to my own standards of living depending on the season.

3. Some times in my dealings with people I can be unloving, not understanding and in compassionate (selfish).

4. Some times I do not want to deal with you. I want to hold and cradle myself in my own bubble. I absolutely need this.

5. I get upset and can even get very upset when things do not go my way.

6. I love conditionally.

7. I am an intuitive, powerful, soul.

8. I am beautiful. I am art.

9. I am lacking in areas I do not want to lack.

10. It is never enough. I always want more.

11. I want to be catered to and adored.

12. I want to share every moment of my life with my partner.

13. I feel like I can’t give them the best because I am not my best.

14. I seclude into myself to protect my energy.

15. I am short on patience with them bc I am so focused on myself. I have no extra amount of energy or love for them.

16. I want to be better for them, to them.

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