Genetically Modified Lovei

Day 4

In my experience as a woman, love has been a major player in my life. I’ve been in love a time or two and there is no feeling quite like it. Loving someone and being in love is such a strong feeling to experience and can be difficult to navigate for some (like myself), but no matter what I have been through the desire to love and be loved never vanishes, (unfortunately). So, this poem on day number four is dedicated to love that keeps pulling me back.

Genetically modified to love you

Even when it hurts

Written to desire you

Before birth

Built to please you

Taught by earth

I’ve given my soul to be close to you

Like a magnet your energy pulls me near

and near

I’ve held our connection near and dear

Filled buckets with tears from loving you

The pain painted my heart black and blue

But I still see rainbows when I see you

And sunny skies

Butterflies still flutter in my tummy when you walk by

I still feel safe when I’m in your arms

There’s no time, no space, no place that can undo what we’ve done

We’ve connected on an intergalactic level

Jumping from Venus and Mars

Landing on earth

Two souls in one

I forget the pain like the labor of childbirth

Doing it again and again

Hoping this time you get it right

But I’m wrong

Hoping this time I get it right

So we can take this song off of repeat

And dance

Our dance

The night away

In our space

From Venus and Mars

Before birth

By nature

On earth

Genetically modified to love you

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