Powerful Woman

Day 2:

You get two poems today because I started this project an hour too late. ❤️

Taking note that the power within me comes from places more deeper and more knowing than my p***y, but from the generations and generations of brown women power that are woven so intricately and intimately into my beautiful brown soul.

I am strong

Fortified like a brick wall

Solidified by cement

I stand tall

I am the creation of my ancestors

Though I may not know every name

I may not be able to trace every root

But the strength of their soul lives in me

They live on every time my name is spoken

Times can get shaky

But never should you falter

Just look up and pray to Your Father

The bad things, He shall alter

On the days your strength has been depleted know that God has always provided every thing you needed

And if you didn’t know I’m telling you now

That you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength

So let’s not pretend

You are, in fact, a powerful woman…

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